Frequently Asked Questions

Learning to Code

What's the best way to learn programming?
- I have a video about that here:

What programming language should I learn first?
- My short answer is, pick JavaScript or Python. I have a longer answer here:


Do you have any Python book recommendations for beginners?
- I asked my Twitter and LinkedIn followers about this. The popular ones seem to be Learn Python the Hard Way, Python Crash Course, and Automate the Boring Stuff with Python.

What Python projects should I work on after watching your Python tutorial videos?
- A few options here.
1. You can learn JavaScript, HTML/CSS and make a web app with Django.
2. If you're interested in data science, you can learn machine learning and/or data analysis and work on problems on Kaggle.
3. If you don't like either 1 or 2, then you can build a simple game with PyGame or build a desktop app with Tkinter or Qt.

Getting a job at Google

What programming languages should I learn to get a job at Google, Amazon, Microsoft, etc.?
- I have a video about that here:

What should I do to get a software engineer job at Google?
- I have an article about this here.

Can I see the resume you used to apply to Google?
- Here's the PDF version. Here's the one for Pages. Here's the one for Word. That's the resume I used to get a job at Google as a software engineer. It should really have been one page, so I would say my resume was too long. Still, feel free to use it as a template!
- Note: I also have an edited, shorter version here (PDF, Pages, and Word).

Other things about me and CS Dojo

What do you use to make your videos on CS Dojo?
- I use QuickTime Player and ScreenFlow for screen recording, Final Cut Pro for editing, AKG C520 and Shure X2U for audio, Logitech C920 for video, and Keynote and Curio for writing stuff on the screen.

How old are you? How old is YK Sugi?
- I'm currently 26 years old (in July, 2018).

Wait, aren't you YK Sugishita?
- I'm currently in the process of changing my legal name to YK Sugi. Perhaps I'll make a video about it at some point. Anyway, please call me YK or Dojo.

What's the best way to stay in touch with you?
- Instagram (@ykdojo) and Twitter (@ykdojo)!

What's the best way to contact you?
- Again, Instagram and Twitter are the best for me. I try my best to reply to as many messages as I receive, but I might not be able to respond to a majority of the messages I receive in the future. Still, I'll do my best! I'm also thinking of setting up a private discord channel people can join through Patreon for $3 USD / month or something, so please let me know if you're interested in something like that.